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Our company offers SO MANY Great Resources. Your TeamLegend Leaders have put together a list of sites. This will change from time to time, so this may not be 100%. 



Your Marketing Site Links 

Your - English Version of your marketing site


Your - Spanish Version of your marketing site o


Your - Ladies of Justice Focused


(Your login was assigned when you enrolled as an associate online, or if you enrolled on paper you will set one up with your Assoc. number and Pin) has a ton of resources  - Get your new associates started here ASAP  - Find out and register for your INTERNATIONAL  - Find out how you can earn monthly Bonuses, Trips and More - Find the details you need to be sure you qualify

LS Engage. Your Communication & Business Tracking System  - Everything from your current PC points to your teams PC points. Pre-Cancel list and a lot more.

Your 'Back Office' - Here you can see your commission statements, under 'My Business' find 'Legacy Online' for your numbers and your team production. LOTS of LINKS to Great Resources.

Share our Free Apps with Prospects - When there put in your login name and it will automatically generate the link to the FREE LegalShield App - Launch by LegalShield App - Shake by LegalShield which is our free
legal forms app. Keep in mind, when people go through the App that YOU GAVE THEM and get a membership, you get credit and you get paid.

Your Local and National Calendar - Go here and use the drop-down in the upper right to find the state you are looking for or just add /StateCode ie: /OR for Oregon

Prospect App - PBLS App in iTunes or Google Play. This is perhaps the most important app you will have on your phone. The ability to enter someone's info as you are talking to them and then they get an email from you on their phone right away and accept it is a FAST way to build.


Now they will get videos from you and you can text or email them resources anytime. AND the app tells you when they looked and how much they saw! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!


** Pro Tip ** Use the 'Wizard' when entering contacts and you will have the opportunity to import straight from your phone.

Tools for Success Also known as JFA, this is where you can order Brochures, Branded Clothing, and other branded items. Fair prices and good quality.


The Interactive Group Link Above & Also "LIKE" Our Page Below:

Videos on LegalShield Corporate Channel