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NOTE!  This NOT Recomended for NEW Associates.  They need to have some success getting started the right way before they'll be able to confidently convey the right belief talking to a lead.
Also remember there are no magic beans, but certainly adding more fishing poles in the water, and/or casting a wider net will allow you to go thru more numbers to find more people who are sincerely looking to change their lives and take action to do so.
I personally know 2 associates who have recruited 5 new associates this month using this system.
Talk about Pre-Qualify!
And Then after you talk to them...
You're getting your Executive Support Team involved right away.

Here's a couple of our lead sources...


Recomended by Platinum Executive Mr. Larry Smith



Recomended by Platinum Executive Mr. Brian Carruthers


Text Scripting Download
What Do You Text to Your Prospect.pdf
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What Do You Text to Your Prospect?


(Text #1 COLD MARKET-LEADS)        

Hi _________, I understand that you are looking for a way to make money from home. If I send you a link to a 5 minute video, would you watch it?   Your name, your phone number


Hi _________, I found a way to earn additional income from home without interfering with my job (or business). Would love to get your thoughts on it!  If I send you a link to a 5-minute video, would you watch it?   Your name, your phone number

When they say yes to text # 1, enter them into Prospect by LegalShield and then immediately send them text # 2)

(Text #2)

OK __________, I just sent you an email.  It will come from (whatever name you have listed in Prospect by LegalShield) and will include the information.  Text me after you watch it, ok?  Your name, your phone number

As soon as they click on the link and ACTIVATE Prospect by LegalShield, go in to your Prospect by LegalShield app, (preferably on the computer but can be done from your mobile device) and click on Resources.  Scroll down to the description (14:12 Great Work Plan) and send them that resource via email and/or text.  Then send them text #3.   

(Text #3)
Ok ______, I just sent you another email. Please watch the 14 minute video for a more detailed explanation of who we are and what we do.  If you like what you see, text me back, ok?  Your name, your phone number



Next, call your prospect.  Engage in a conversation

FORM: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation, Fun

Eventually it will lead into questions… Your answer is this… “This Next Step Is”…

I need to introduce you to one of my mentors/business partners/team mates/etc.

Edify that person & Schedule A Time for that Follow-Up Call

AND Send them Text #4

*They will help invite them to the next best step in the exposure process for that person ie. Live event, Luncheon, etc.

Especially if they you know they might not be able to make it out to an event for some time, offer to send them a detailed overview of our Company, Services, Compensation and Business Opportunity by sending them text #4.

(Text #4)

________ you can watch this video that will show you in detail who we are and what we do as an A+ Rated company by the Better Business Bureau.   

Then watch this video and it will tell you about our Business Opportunity, our Compensation plan, and our FREE BMW car program.
Each video is only about 15 minutes.  Thank you. Your name, your phone number

These Might Change as you get more experience, but would recommend you use for now.

This is the next step....

Call your prospect (even if you don't hear back from them) Have a brief, but friendly conversation with them and ask, "So what interested you the most about the information your saw."
Do a three way call and make sure you ask these questions:
     1.  So do you see an opportunity for yourself?
     2.  Is there anything else you need to know before we get started together?
     3.  Great, so how would you like to activate your business with a check or a credit card?
Get them on your website and enroll them.

*Always remember the importance of having a 3 way call with your Leader.


Voice Mail Message-COLD MARKET LEADS


Voice Mail if no answer:

Hi ______ my name is ___________.  You’ve may have already received other phone calls, so I’ll keep this short and simple!  Your name came across my desk as someone who requested information about making money from home!  So because I'm not able to talk to you, I sent you a text which includes my name.  So if you can please review the text I would be grateful.  Thank you and we'll talk soon!



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