Once you join LegalShield, you have 20 days to Fast Start Qualify.

To Fast Start Qualify means that you have met the requirements of Fast Start, which simply means LegalShield will you the full 1yr advance commission (vs. as earned per month) on your qualifying sales.

There are 2 ways to Fast Start Qualify.

  • Recruit 1 Associate who also buys the membership, and enroll two other members, or…
  • Enroll 7 members.

Remember, this qualification must be met in your first 20 days.

When you Fast Start Qualify, you will also get your first promotion.

The commissions you earn will be based upon the particular membership you market. You can

Call LegalShield Marketing Support if you have any questions about your commissions.

7AM – 7PM CST Mon - Fri.


Learn Even More How to Get Your BMW as well as see several Team Legend examples.

After you've finished your getting started training. 

Visit The Team Legend Performance Club Page.


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