Queen of the Team -

Ms. Inger Lemke

Inger's husband Larry started with our company in 1987, but only worked the business for about 10 weeks. While he and Inger were invloved in other business ventures, our company kept paying them! They got checks totalling over $10,000 durring the next 10 years! WOW!


When they started again in 1997 they would drive from Seatle, WA to Portland, OR every week to be a part of the weekly business briefings and trainings. While Mr. Lemke passed due to cancer a few years ago, Inger still earns a serious income every month and gets to travel around the world thanks to their efforts and the system our company and teams uses to support our growth.




Co-Regional Manager, PDX

Mr. Mike Bishop and

Dr. Laura LaJoie Bishop

Six-Figure Ring Earners

Millionaire Club Members!

Gene Leider

Executive Director

$100K Ring Earner

Millionaire Club Member!


Regional Managers for SW WA

Rey and Mona McCallum

Six Figure Ring Earners

Millionaire Club Members

Real & Sherri LeBeuf

$200,000 Ring Earners

Millionaire Club Members



Team Leaders

Executive Directors

Mr. Kevin Dunn

and Cecilia Dunn

Ring Earners






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